Chief Happiness Officer

Meet Aspen – Office Dog

Our furry Chief Happiness Officer at Strong Tower Consulting! More than just a pet, Aspen, the affectionate Bernese Mountain Dog, is the heart of our office, infusing each day with smiles and comfort. Whether you need a break for a gentle stroll or a quick trip to the local coffee shop, she’s your ready companion, offering snuggly hugs and boundless affection.

Aspen’s playful spirit and loving nature mirror our office culture—friendly, welcoming, and always up for fun, making every day a bit more joyful and stress-free. At Strong Tower, we embrace pet-friendly practices, recognizing the positive impact animals like Aspen have on our work environment. She’s not just our company dog; she’s a symbol of our commitment to a harmonious, inclusive workplace where innovation meets compassion.

Aspen looking out the window while going for a drive